Slots for Low Rollers | Win a Little but Often?

Get To Know The Games That Are Good Slots for Low Rollers

The Best Low Rollers Slots

There are many different strategies for playing casino games. You can be daring as a high roller during slots, making big bets but not frequently. The safe option is to play medium. However, to begin with, slots for low rollers could be your best bet. Times are tough when there is not as much money in the UK before Brexit, so some players have to start with smaller bets.

Being a low roller is often a strategy for beginners to a particular casino and people who have no idea about slots. Placing bets on low stakes more frequently offers better chances of winning, but with little return. For a comprehensive guide of which slots yield the best results, we will show you the way.

Play The Top Rated Low Stakes Games

Since the beginning of slots more than 100 years ago, the game has changed very little. You put in some money, hit the spin and what the wheels turn. Usually, on 3 or 5 reel axis, you bet on the symbols using the pay lines to try to match them up for the win. Different jackpots are offered and you are enhanced by nudges and set features depending on the game.

Minimum Risk with Slots for Low Rollers

With modern casino games, you now have the option to play online for even more money. You can use mobiles, desktops, tablets or visit a land casino to play on the physical machines. They offer a range of bets from one penny per spin up to massive limits. However, as a low roller, you typically stay on the small bets while you understand the slots you’re playing on. Just because they’re low amounts, don’t think for one second that there won’t be any return.

See All The Top Slots for Low Rollers

Mega Moolah, for example, is very popular with a number of online players. Because of its progressive jackpot, the high variance ups the stakes even with bets starting at a penny a spin. Even on such a low amount, you could end up with a bonus round on the wheel which gives you a chance of a big jackpot. These games are played via video, which creates a cool vibe on a modern game. There are many modern games to choose from online, check out all the latest at SlotJar.com.

Another exciting title is Hellboy slots, based on the hit film series starring Ron Perlmen. This fun game from Microgaming even provides the chance of winning a hundred pound from penny slots, which really increases your slots for low rollers chances. Thanks to the scatter symbols and random bonus rounds, you can win big from very little effort.

Best of the Rest

For even more great features, you can try your luck at Dragon Lady Slot, another brilliant game from Microgaming. The opportunity to win a sweet £50 from only 1p bets makes it very exciting for any new player looking to play slots for low rollers. When little risk meets high chances of payout, you’re on to a winning combination. Tunzamunni slots are a little different from the same developer. You put in 25p a spin. However, in return, you get so much more from this progressive jackpot game. If you’re feeling brave, it’s a great step up from 1p games.

Last but not least on our list has no progressive jackpot, but a similar stake like the others at 1p per spin. The incentive here lies with lining up the five jackpot symbols. You can scoop the £50 jackpot just by taking a little risk by playing the Royal Feast slots on one pay line.